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Charlotte Weather:
WPNA Monthly Meetings: Second Tuesday each Month.
Meeting: Next schedule Virtual Meeting is March 9th.
Time: 7:00 - 8:00 PM. Virtual Meeting.
Register in advance for this meeting:
Registration required for meeting attenance records. Also on the Registtation Form is a place where one can ask a question or make a comment. Hello Neighbors!! Join the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association [WPNA] at our next virtual meeting on March 9th at 7pm. You are able to submit questions or topics for discussion prior to the meeting using the invitation link below! Please join 10-15 minutes before meeting, as we will start promptly at 7pm. From your computer or smartphone: To dial in without a computer or smartphone: Dial 301-715-8592 and enter passcode 891 3753 6552#
Use this button to make a donation to Windsor Park Neightbor, Inc. [WPNA] using your Paypal account or a Credit Card.

Windsor Park Neighborhood Monthly Crime Report.

Click for the Feb 11 thru Feb 23 crime report.

Windsor Park Neighborhood & East Charlotte News.

Check the for more happens around East Charlotte.
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Find your spot to take your COVID-19 shot.

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February 17, 2021
Thank you to everyone who attended the first virtual meeting of the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association. We hope you found the time informative! As with anything new, there are kinks that will be worked out as we become more proficient in managing in a virtual environment. (for example, we forgot to hit "record" until about 12 minutes into the meeting - as seen in the replay below).
As discussed on the meeting, we want to provide you with several follow up items:
Meeting presentation with minute
Video replay of the meeting
WPNA Communications Director Interest Form
WPNA Committee Interest Form
Red Bucket Link - For WPNA donations

WPNA Board of Directors

posted 1/27/2021  
Why You Should Double-Mask To Prevent COVID-19 (And How To Do It) .
Wearing two face masks during the pandemic may be a super-effective way to protect yourself against new coronavirus variants.
posted 1/22/2021  
Hello Windsor Park Neighbors,
By now you may have seen the signs or received a postcard from We would like to ask that you, our members, complete this survey as your feedback will help the association moving forward. We ask that you answer honestly based on your personal involvement with the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association. The link to the survey is .
The results will be compiled by members of If you desire to remain anonymous, do not include your email with the survey. They will provide WPNeighbors with the survey results. We will share them with you via email and posting to our website as soon as they are available.
Thank you for your participation,
Board of Windsor Park Neighbors, Inc.
posted 10/23/2020  
A survey is available to let the city and CDOT know how you feel about this change on Central Avenue. Click or above image to take the survey.
I've received numerous concerns regarding the fairness/objectivity of the questions in the survey. I'm currently discussing those concerns with city staff members and the survey may be updated in the coming week(s) as a result. So, it may be best to advise folks to briefly wait before filling the survey out. Please feel free to email your city councilmen if after you review the survey you find the questions fair and objective.
Matt Newton - District 5 City Council Member
The last box on the survey is the only place that an option can truly be voiced but will not be calculated into the findings of the overall survey. Thank you and continue to watch for updates.
WP Neighborhood Entry Sign News and Happens at Windsor Park Elementary School.

Added: 1/22/2021
Dear Windsor Park Neighbors,
We at Windsor Park Elementary School can't explain how we feel about the love that you showed our teachers. We have never experienced such generosity from any organization, let alone, one in our own back yard. The love that you showed us proves that we can accomplish anything as one unit and move mountains together.
Our teachers, parents, learners and CMS leaders are in awe at how you supported the mission and vision of celebrating our very own celebrities. Yes, our teachers are indeed celebrities. They are also our Kings and Queens and should be treated as such. The job that they have can shape and or break a child's future and I can honestly say that they have one of the most underrated jobs in America. This love was needed and well deserved.
With your generous donations we will celebrate 8 people (Including our 4 nominees, 2 honorable mentions, the Teacher of the Year, the Support Staff Person of the Year and the Teacher Assistant of the Year). We will also build outside mailboxes for our families so that they may pick up materials, newsletters, and resources even when the doors of Windsor Park are closed. We will give back by hiring people in the neighborhood to help build these outside mailboxes, using some of the funds that the community has donated to the school. We have to give back and we must show our gratitude.
I can't wait to see what the future holds for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year. Thank you for having our backs and showing us so much kindness.
We love and appreciate our Windsor Park Neighbors!
-Shanna Rae (Principal)
updated 9/24/2020
Neighbors and Families,
We are collecting any and all winter apparel such as hats, gloves and coats for ages 4 to 12. With the cold weather quickly approaching we have many kids that do not have the main essentials to keep warm.
Items can also be taken directly to the school which is located @ 3910 Sudbury Road Charlotte NC 28205
Thank you for your consideration in helping Windsor Park Elementary School.
Our Tax Id Code can be given upon request.
If you have any questions or need any other information please feel free to email
Windsor Park Elementary
updated 9/24/2020
Windsor Park Elementary School Food Pantry
We are continuing collection for the food pantry at the school so these children will have a confidential place to go and ask for food items for weekends, teacher work days, holidays etc. Most of these students only meals come from the breakfast and lunch provided at school. To help our kids have food to eat, we are asking for donations of the following. While these are the core wish list, any nonperishable food item will be accepted.
Food Items:
* Box of individual Oatmeal
* Box of individual Grits
* Individual, single serving cereal
* Chef Boyardee
* Ramen noodles / cup of noodles
* Mac and cheese
* Fruit cups / canned fruit
* Case of bottled water
School Statistics:
WP is a Title 1 school, with a 100% poverty level. There are currently 30 students who identify as homeless and 150 who have immediate need Any donations can be taken to the school or be brought to a WPNA neighborhood meeting.
With any questions, please contact Crystal Ritch at Thank you for your donation to Windsor Park Elementary School.
Sincerely, Shanna Rae Principal
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Windsor Park Elementary School
America's Historical Documents
The history of the United States of America began long before the Colonists declared their independence. The Magna Carta, written in 1215 in order to try to convince King John of England to give the people certain rights, is generally considered to be the touchstone of liberty, upon which later documents are based.
The links below will take you to America's Historic Documents. These are the pieces of history upon which our nation was founded, and within which our current liberty is rooted.
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